Concrete Toppings For Bay Area Driveways, Walkways, & Pool Decks

Cementitious Overlay TampaWherever you have cement, masonry, or natural stone surfaces on your property, a concrete topping can be applied to keep the surfaces protected. Our Bay Area coatings company has applied our durable concrete topping product to driveways, walkways, pool decks, and many interior surfaces as well for commercial businesses and residential homes since 1999.

Commercial floors get a lot of abuse, including exterior walkways and patio areas. Wherever there's concrete or natural stone, the concrete toppings will keep the surfaces from damages common to high traffic abuse. The overlays can be so stunning with different application techniques. Concrete overlays can be tinted to almost any color or combination of colors and techniques to apply decorative patterns are wide open.

Concrete Garage Floor Overlays

Epoxy overlays are very popular for both commercial and residential concrete floors, especially on garage floors and high traffic concrete floors in businesses. When our granite epoxy overlays are applied to cement or concrete surfaces, the finish is decorative, resembling the look of real granite. You've probably seen this style of overlay before as it is very popular.

Concrete Toppings for Commercial Walkways & Patios

High traffic concrete surfaces require commercial strength products to take care of them. The best way to ensure your commercial walkways, patios, or flooring lasts is to call us for our concrete toppings service. You'll have a quality coating applied to any of your cement surfaces.

There's no better way to ensure these surfaces are easy to clean, stain proofed, waterproofed, scuff proof, and skid-resistant than to add our protective coatings to them. We've helped many commercial clients in the Bay Area area to protect their flooring, walkways, and patios with our durable concrete toppings for decades. Let us know what you need protected and we'll meet your needs with expertise.

Pool Decks - Poly Pebble Concrete Surface Overlays

Whether you have a Poly Pebble pool deck or some other beautiful natural stone pool deck, the surface is much more vulnerable to damages unless you protect it with a concrete topping product. Our epoxy concrete topping products are commercial strength, creating a very durable protective finish for your pool deck.

Poly Pebble surfaces are beautiful, and so are other natural stones, but they are much more beautiful with a concrete topping because it brings out the beautiful natural colors of the stone or river pebbles, giving it a beautiful warm glow. Incredibly long lasting, the concrete topping protects the pool decks or walkways for years, keeping it safe from scuffs, cracks, UV damages, and more. Existing cracks will be bridged by the product ensuring it stays sealed.

If you would like to know more about Concrete Toppings to protect your Bay Area Driveways, Walkways, & Pool Decks, please call 941-730-9397 or 813-279-4028 or complete our online request form.