Bay Area Concrete Coating Tips

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The Importance of Bay Area Roof Coatings

Bay Area, Florida homes and commercial buildings are exposed to a lot of heat and UV rays from the sun as well as moisture, salt, and sand scouring. Roof tops are constantly hammered by the sun's rays throughout most of the months in a year. In this area of the country, temperatures on roof tops can reach well over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit throughout the summer. This constant exposure to the hot sun leads to UV ray damages on the roofing

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What's Behind A Surface Coatings Protective Properties?

Manufacturers have created acrylic polymers that are specifically designed for roof structures. These coatings manufacturers once experimented with paint to coat roofs, but they were too brittle. Caulk and sealant technologies were used to try to make elastomeric coatings but this resulted in failure.

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Options For Commercial Bay Area Concrete Toppings

If you're looking for a durable, protective finish for commercial floors that look like metals such as copper, silver, nickel, aged bronze, and other shimmery, reflective finishes, you'll want to consider concrete coatings. Wherever you want to create an upscale look, the metallic epoxy coatings are a great option

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