The Importance of Bay Area Roof Coatings

Bay Area, Florida homes and commercial buildings are exposed to a lot of heat and UV rays from the sun as well as moisture, salt, and sand scouring. Roof tops are constantly hammered by the sun's rays throughout most of the months in a year. In this area of the country, temperatures on roof tops can reach well over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit throughout the summer. This constant exposure to the hot sun leads to UV ray damages on the roofing materials. But sunlight alone isn't the only thing working to destroy Bay Area roofs.

To combat all the damages from natural elements, roof coatings can be applied to protect Bay Area roofs. White roof coatings reflect the sunlight and help with energy savings. These are protective elastomeric roof coatings for homes, offices and commercial buildings.

There are two reasons you'll want to use roof coatings on your Bay Area roof. First, protecting the roof will see to it that your roof shingles last. Instead of replacing your roof, you'll be able to spend those hard earned dollars on something else.

Our elastomeric roof coatings are durable, meaning you'll have less roof replacements than normal. In fact, your roof structure could last up to 25 years longer. Roof coatings can be applied to nearly any type of roof structure including flat roofs. This product helps to prevent leaks from pooling water problems, which is very common for flat roof structures.

Once a roof coating is applied maintenance and cleaning is important, but you'll have surfaces that resist stains the growth of microorganisms like algae, and impacts. Shingles won't have problems from sun UV ray damages like cracking or becoming brittle.

A reflective white coating is put on roofs in Bay Area because we live in such arid areas. Constant humidity, sand, salt, and dirt won't affect the roof structure like it used to. Debris, dirt, dust and other elements scour the roof surface every day whether it's winter, spring, fall, or summer. All this debris blowing in the wind lands landing on the roof and scours the shingle materials away.

With roof coatings, the debris won't accumulate as badly. The elastomeric material will help your roof to shed off rainwater more easily. Plus, you'll have energy savings as well if you choose a reflective product.

The white coating actually tends to block ultra violet radiation, rather than reflecting it. The roof coating protects against this damaging UV radiation. Bay Area roofing experts from All American Coatings can renew the roof structure by adding new layers of coating. This is a much more affordable alternative to roof replacement. Plus, we can renew your roof coatings if you've had them applied before. To have the best roof protection in Bay Area, just call our professionals at the number below.

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