Commercial Protective Coating Services in Bay Area

Cementitious Overlay TampaBusinesses in Bay Area can benefit from our Commercial Coating Services for floors, walls, and other concrete surfaces. These coatings add value to your Bay Area property. Commercial coatings services from All American Coatings are durable and resist stains, water damages, UV damages, and more. Plus, our Commercial coatings make your commercial concrete surfaces easy to clean and take care of.

Our commercial coatings keep you from having to worry about oil leaks, dirt, grime, chemical spills, water, tread marks, skid marks, or high foot traffic that grinds in stains. For foot traffic, commercial flooring can really benefit from anti-slip properties added to the final top coat to help with safety.

Commercial Concrete Coatings

Concrete surfaces (or cement) can be coated with our commercial strength products for decorative applications or sealing purposes. Poly Pebble, or river pebble walkways, pool decks, and patios can be sealed with a quality sealant to protect them.

Regular concrete floors, walls, or other masonry can be coated with an epoxy overlay or Terrazzo product that gives decorative appeal. For instance our granite coatings look like real granite but give you a much easier and less expensive surface to clean and care for.

Commercial Roof Coatings

Commercial roof coatings allow your roof to be better protected from leaks and UV ray damages. There are different systems we can use for your commercial roof coatings. Protective roof coatings can solve a variety of problems and are manufactured for a variety of purposes. Each type of coatings system will have different application requirements, with all needing to be applied by professionals with the experience and skill to get them on right. Mistakes can mean leaking, which completely nullifies the reason for using them.

All American Coatings can provide you with roof coatings that last and help you with energy savings. Reflective roof coatings can cut down on your energy bills because they reflect the UV rays of the sun that are responsible for heat.

Commercial Walkway & Sidewalk Coatings

Most commercial walkways and sidewalks are concrete surfaces that need to be protected from stains and water damages. Commercial walkways and sidewalks get heavy traffic, and unfortunately the concrete will absorb everything. Pretty soon, your nice new concrete walkway will look dingy and dirty unless the cement is properly sealed and protected.

Ugly concrete walkways and sidewalks can turn potential customers off, leaving your business looking run down and unattended. Years of foot traffic, ground in gum, oil stains, cigarette butt stains, and more make your property devalued.

You can have your commercial walkways and sidewalks or other cement surfaces coated instead. Our commercial strength Bay Area coatings can be applied with almost any color, pattern, or style you like. Plus, they'll resist skidding and slipping to keep your customers safe.

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