Expert Concrete Sealing, Coating and Concrete Topping Services

Concrete Flooring

Concrete coating systems include sealants that will seal and protect the surface of Bay Area home or commercial walkways, driveways, and more from the damaging affects of water and other damages. Concrete goes through a lot of expansion and contraction throughout the temperature changes from day to night, which can wear down the materials. Affects from water absorption can also create problems for your concrete. Impacts or areas of concrete subjected to high foot traffic will get scuffed, stained, and dirty. Sealing your Bay Area concrete eliminates all these problems. We at All American Coatings can help with all of your Bay Area coating needs.

Concrete Toppings

Stamped and Stenciled concrete flooring is a high strength decorative flooring system used for residences with existing or new concrete installations. Several patterns and colors are available. This flooring system is often used in exterior locations such as a driveway, patio, walkway, pool surround, front steps or landing.

Spray texture concrete coating is another affordable way to bring dull, dirty concrete floors back to life.

Why Use A Sealer on My Concrete?

Whether you have plain concrete walkways, pool decking, retaining walls, or a Poly Pebble walkway, sealing or coating the concrete surface with our quality products will ensure it lasts for years longer. Your concrete surfaces will benefit from this protective coating that serves to bridge cracks, resist water absorption, resist alkali, resist UV damage, and more. The coating is long term durable, water based and environmentally friendly. And we can apply a decorative finish if you so desire.

  • Crack Bridging
  • UV Protection
  • Impact Protection
  • Moisture & Water Damage Protection
  • Resistance to Dirt & Grime
  • Microbial Resistance
  • Alkali Corrosion Resistance

Decorative Concrete Overlays Service

Do you have ugly concrete that you're embarrassed by? If so, why not check out our decorative concrete overlays. You can permanently cover up your ugly, stained and cracked concrete with a show-room finish. Your new floor or wall can have a number of decorative finishes applied including granite fleck overlays. Our customers love our granite coatings that look like real granite flooring. It can also be applied to walls, bathroom floors, industrial floors, and other concrete surfaces. All American Coatings specializes in concrete topping including stamped concrete, stenciled concrete, spray textures concrete and can turn your old dirty floor into a clean, sanitary floor that will be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Poly Pebble Sealing

River pebble, or Poly Pebble concrete walkways, pool decks, and patios look beautiful. But they can look better and last longer with our expert concrete sealing service. Our quality sealing products will protect your Poly Pebble surface well. It will keep rain water and sprinkler water from penetrating the concrete. Plus, it will give the surface a deeper tone, bringing out the beautiful qualities of the river pebbles.

Poly Pebble walkways, pool decks, and walls need to be sealed in order to protect the natural stone surface. Poly Pebble concrete has embedded river pebbles on the top of the surface. These pebbles tend to come loose and get chipped off with time. On any concrete, cracks can form as well. Sealing the Poly Pebble surface protects the stones and the concrete itself. Plus, the sealant makes the surface look great, much the same as when the water from rain makes the color deepen and softly shine.

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