Epoxy Metallic Flooring for Bay Area Homes and Commercial Businesses

Cementitious Overlay TampaMetallic flooring has a beautiful finish and shine that is grabbing the attention of homeowners. Long used for commercial coatings applications, it's becoming a hot new trend for Bay Area homeowners as well. This very high tech and exotic looking garage floor coating applications creates a glossy and deeply vibrant design on your garage floor or other concrete surfaces

First Class Style With Epoxy Metallic Flooring

Metallic Epoxy Floor CoatingMetallic flooring epoxy is manufactured with 100% solids epoxy with metallic pigments added. It is a self-leveling epoxy coating, great for cracks and unlevel concrete surfaces. It is designed to be manipulated so different visual effects can be created.

Professional installers like us here at All American Coatings will apply various solvents such as denatured alcohol. This process creates the mottled look as the metallic pigment moves around in the epoxy solution. The three dimensional effect is amazing.

True professionals can create the look of flowing rivers. Or, if you prefer, you can have the look of molten metals. Bay Area Coating professionals, like those at All American Coatings can give you beautiful and stunning floors with epoxy metallic flooring applications.

Durability With Epoxy Metallic Flooring & Walls

Our epoxy metallic flooring applications will last you for years to come whether we apply it to your floors or walls.

When we apply your metallic flooring, you'll have a gorgeous metallic looking floor. We can create many looks for you including faux granite floors or other faux natural stones.

We can also apply it in solid colors or any pattern you'd like. But the best part of using our epoxy metallic flooring products is that it lasts and costs much less than real stone flooring.

We first put a coat on that is an epoxy primer, which helps with adhesion and stain coverage as well as small crack bridging. Next, we put on a second coat which consists of the actual epoxy metallic flooring coating. Third, a coat of clear sealant goes on top.

In some cases, a fourth coat will be used if applying polyurethane as a top coat. This gives you a very thick coating that withstands a lot of damage that the plain concrete wouldn't stand up to.

  • Faux granite
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Custom Designs
  • Epoxy Terrazzo

Showroom Floor Gorgeous With Epoxy Metallic Flooring

If you've been to any modern auto dealer showroom, you know how gorgeous those floors can look. Dealers want to be sure their vehicles look as attractive as possible. Yet, the cost of putting in real marble would be phenomenal. That's why it's likely that the showroom floor you saw was actually epoxy metallic flooring.

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