Orlando, FL Elastomeric Roof Coatings & Concrete Toppings

Orlando Concrete Coaters

In Orlando, FL, commercial and residential property owners can have special coatings applied to the roof structure or cement (concrete) surfaces to help protect them. Roof coatings make your Orlando roof last longer. All American Coatings can provide you with coatings to give long lasting protection to your walkways, driveways, flooring, walls, and more.

We do a lot of faux granite work in Orlando in commercial settings. Faux granite is very popular in commercial settings for both flooring and walls. In fact, we can create a garage floor or commercial bathroom floor that looks just like the real thing for you! The difference is it will be far less expensive and won't be susceptible to chipping or scratching. Instead of having to worry over marble or granite polishing after thousands of feet have trampled over the surface, you'll be laughing at how long your floor lasts and how easy it is to keep clean and take care of.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Our professional concrete coaters have decades worth of experience with commercial and residential elastomeric roof coatings and concrete toppings in the Orlando area. Whether it's commercial roofs or residential roofs, the roofing materials are vulnerable to the damages from sun, wind, rain, salt, sand, alkali, algae, mold, mildew, and more. These elements and organisms will attack your roof shingles, destroying them over time. You can protect them with our elastomeric roof coatings to ensure your commercial or residential roof structure lasts.

Concrete Toppings For Orlando Commercial & Residential Concrete Surfaces

There are several types of concrete toppings systems available that can help you protect your commercial or residential concrete, masonry, cement, or Poly Pebble surfaces. All American Coatings is your garage floor specialists for decorative finishes.

Your Orlando concrete floors and walkways can be thoroughly protected with a great looking decorative finish. Plus, you'll love the coating on your garage floor because it will resist oil and chemical staining as well as impacts. This will make for a great looking garage to work in when you're working on your Orlando vehicles or lawn.

Epoxy Metallic Flooring For Orlando

If you've ever seen these beautiful metallic finishes, you probably didn't know that you weren't looking at real natural stone. Finishes can be done in any number of ways including the look of real marble. With the use of metallic flecks or metallic paint, our artists can create any type of look you're going for including solid colors. The finish is a smoky metallic look that resembles the look of molten metals. We can give you a completely custom look to go with everything you've already designed in your home or business.

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