Paver Sealing Services in Bay Area

Paver Sealing TampaIf you've invested in the installation of pavers for your Bay Area home or commercial business, you'll want to make sure they're protected with a good quality sealant from All American Coatings. We use state of the art sealants to protect your paver investment and are your Bay Area coating company.

Pavers are commonly used on patios, driveways, walkways, and other areas to make a durable, decorative walking surface. But the problem with pavers is that they can dry out or get easily damaged unless they're sealed and protected with a protective coating.

Wet Look Concrete Paver Sealing

Paver sealing not only protects the paver itself, it makes your pavers look as beautiful as they do when they get wet. Have you taken a good look at how much the color deepens to a redder tone after it rains or the grass is watered and the surface still look slightly wet?

After sealing, pavers look incredibly different with a deepened tone that's beautiful! This gorgeous look can be permanent with our paver sealing services because that deeper tone is captured and permanently sealed in. It has much the same affect as when you stain and seal wood, bringing out the beautiful warm tones of the wood.

Paver Sealing Resistant Properties

Sealed pavers also resist all the affects of moisture and sunlight, ensuring they have less risk of damage. When pavers are laid out, the cracks between them can let in dirt and other small debris and the cement of the paver will absorb everything. Sealing bridges the cracks and keeps the surface resistant to water and soiling.

Protecting your pavers with our sealing service will also keep them safe from UV ray damages. The sun's ultraviolet rays are what is responsible for color fading in many materials including pavers. Over time, the color won't be vibrant if you leave pavers unsealed.

The paver sealing product we use gives a flexible barrier to the surface to protect the materials of the paver from contracting and expanding damages. Cement products like pavers can be susceptible to cracking and shifting from this unpreventable movement. Existing cracks are bridged and stay flexible with this sealant.

Why Choose Us For Your Paver Sealing?

All American Coatings is the premier paver sealing and other coatings service provider in the Bay Area, Florida area. We use quality, durable products to help protect your pavers from damages. Our technicians have years of experience using products that are manufactured with the latest state of the art technologies. We specialize on paver sealants for commercial businesses but also handle many residential projects. When we work on your paver sealing, your pavers will be well protected for years to come.

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