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Your Bay Area commercial or residential property needs to stay protected if you expect it to last. Protective waterproof coatings will do a world of good for your exterior and interior surfaces. Commercial and residential buildings do well to protect the surfaces of the roof structure, stucco, masonry, and concrete exteriors. Concrete surfaces that have been well sealed will be well protected from the destructive forces of nature including UV damages, rain, wind, impacts, sea salt and sand scouring, and more.

Exterior surfaces that are allowed to degrade with no coating or sealing won't last and will continue to attract stains, dirt, and grime. In fact, so will your interior flooring surfaces, especially those located in a garage or workshop. Roofs are especially vulnerable, so why not make yours last as long as possible with our professional services? You can add literally decades to your roofs, siding, flooring, concrete surfaces and more.

Tampa elastomeric roof coatings

Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Elastomeric roof coatings are the top quality acrylic coatings you want for your Bay Area roof. This protective, long lasting coating must be applied by professionals. All American Coatings is the Bay Area coatings contractor you want for your roof waterproofing. Not only do elastomeric roof coatings protect your roof from rain and moisture, they also protects from impacts, UV ray damages, insects, and more.

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Tampa Stamped Outdoor Coatings

Concrete Toppings For Driveways, Walkways, Pool Decks

Concrete overlays are applied to cement surfaces to protect them. Whether it's Bay Area walkways, driveways, garage floors, concrete flooring, stucco, or other cement surfaces, the concrete toppings work great for crack bridging and water repelling. They are also commercial grade overlays that are made for high traffic areas.

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Tampa House Exterior Coatings

Lifetime Exterior Coatings

If you want the ultimate in lifetime exterior coatings from a Bay Area Coatings Company, call the experts at All American Coatings. You can get the best in quality products that are warranted for a lifetime. We use high-tech elastomeric coatings with pure resin technology that allows the manufacturer to warrant them for up to a lifetime.

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Tampa Expoxy Seamless Floors

Granite Coat For Garage Floors

As Bay Area's favorite liquid granite epoxy coating specialists, All American Coatings use granite coatings to seal and protect concrete surfaces such as garage flooring and commercial show room floors. Your surfaces will not only look great, it will stay for decades. Your garage floors will look amazing! Spills will easily clean up and stains will be a thing of the past. This high quality epoxy coating will also eliminate slipping.

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Tampa Stone Paver Sealing

Paver Sealing

Pavers are used on patios, driveways, walkways, and other areas. Paver sealing makes your pavers look as beautiful as they do when it rains and they get wet. Have you taken a good look at how they shine and how the color enhances on the pavers when it rains or you put the sprinklers on? This gorgeous look can be permanent with our paver sealing services. Sealed pavers also resist all the affects of moisture and sunlight.

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Tampa Outdoor Coating Poly Pebble

Concrete Sealing And Coatings

Whether you have plain concrete walkways, pool decking, retaining walls, or a Poly Pebble walkway, sealing or coating it with our quality products will ensure it lasts for years longer. Your concrete surfaces will benefit from this protective coating that serves to bridge cracks, resist water absorption, resist alkali, resist UV damage, and more. The coating is long term durable, water based and environmentally friendly, and can be tinted to desired shades.

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Tampa epoxy commercial floor

Epoxy Metallic Flooring

Epoxy metallic coatings give your flooring and other concrete surfaces a highly reflective metallic look that can resemble various metals such as silver, bronze, and more. This is a seamless floor system that provides a unique three dimensional quality. These floors look stunning and are widely used in the commercial flooring setting. Best of all, epoxy coatings are extremely durable, standing up to the highest traffic areas.

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Tampa epoxy concrete floor

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings can be applied to your concrete surfaces to protect them. Many epoxy products can be tinted or colored and can have other materials added to give decorative appeal. Epoxy coatings can be applied as concrete overlays for driveways, walkways, pool decks , stucco, pavers, and other surfaces. All American Coatings specializes in these types of coatings to protect homes and commercial buildings.

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Tampa Concrete Staining

Commercial Coating Services

Commercial businesses in Bay Area love our commercial coating services. We can completely renovate your concrete floors, walkways, patios, showroom floors, and other high traffic areas. We also provide elastomeric roof coatings for commercial roof structures. If you're looking for a great, quality coating product to enhance the look of your concrete surfaces, you'll want to call our professional Bay Area Coatings Company.

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